Adam Scott 2013 Masters Champion Green Jacket

The Green Jacket: Branding’s Most Important Piece of Clothing

Since 1949 golfers have made the trip to Augusta, Georgia in April with one thought in their mind, “Win a Green Jacket.” In all of sports there isn’t a single piece of clothing that is as prestigious or highly regarded. The New York Yankees logo may be iconic and recognizable worldwide, but that’s more about… Read More

Vintage Chesterfield Jackie Robinson Feature

Vintage Ads: Cigarette Print Ads From The Past

Since 1998 cigarette companies have been banned from advertising in Canada. Where we once saw print ads in newspapers and magazines, big billboards, and race cars promoting all kinds of tobacco brands, we now see none. Today we’re taking a trip down memory lane to a time when cigarette companies weren’t just advertising, they were… Read More

Candian Not For Profit Logos

Building Your Non-Profit’s Brand – Why it Matters.

Guest Post by Norma Meneguzzi Spall According to Statistics Canada, there are over 170,000 non-profits and charities in Canada. For organizations that rely solely on the discretionary generosity and dedication of its stakeholders, competing for donor share and battling donor fatigue is challenging; but never more so than during times of economic downturns. Non-profit organizations… Read More