Tim Cook U2 Feature

5 Reasons the U2 Download was the Wrong Move by Apple!

Brands align themselves with celebrities for a myriad of reasons – one is to create excitement about a new product launch. Last week, Tim Cook and Apple took their shot at doing just that with their U2 partnership and the auto-download of Songs of Innocence to iOS users all over the world. Now, if this… Read More

Wayne S Roberts Ice Bucket Challenge

Blade Branding Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Once in a while a movement becomes so popular that you can’t escape it. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become one of those movements – and we’re totally okay with that. This summer Blade Social Media Manager, Joshua Murray took on the Ice Bucket Challenge and, with the support of the team, included Principal… Read More

Design Matters Branding Images Feature

Design Matters: The Power Images Have on Your Brand

We all know the cliché ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. And as tired as the saying is, it effectively sums up the weight that images can have on your brand. The images you choose to associate with your brand probably speak louder than the copy you use to describe it. Be Unique The… Read More


Weird Al: An Unlikely Master’s Course In Branding

On May 3, 1983, Weird Al Yankovic released his first album which topped out at number 139 on the Billboard 200. 31 years later, on July 15, 2014, Yankovic released his fourteenth album, which debuted at number one. How does a family-friendly comedic parody musician (a niche market if there ever was one) reach heights… Read More

Milk Carton Feature

Design Matters: How Packaging Impacts Your Sales

Packaging serves several different purposes when it comes to product branding, marketing and sales. Savvy packaging can seriously impact product profitability by affecting the customer’s perception of the product and of the brand. How does packaging affect brand perception?  In-store decisions are made in only a few minutes, if not even a few seconds. Therefore,… Read More

3 Step Guide to Creating Presentations That Don't Suck Feature

3 Step Guide to Creating Presentations – That Don’t Suck!

First-off, stock presentation templates are visual garbage. Let’s go ahead and count the ways: 1. Stock designs lack visual appeal and more often than not look extremely dated. “The 90’s were the golden age of presentations!” said NO ONE EVER. 2. If your slides lack visual originality, you’re giving your audience the message that what… Read More

New Tim Hortons Logo

What Does Tim Hortons Have To Gain From Burger King?

The announcement has been made, Burger King will buy Tim Hortons and together they will become the 3rd largest fast food entity in the world with a combined value of approximately $18 billion. It is easy to see the benefit for Burger King in this deal. They are poised to move their corporate headquarters to… Read More

Brainstorming Feature

Great Advertising Starts with a Really Boring Reality: A Disciplined Approach

The truth about most great advertising ideas is that they came as a result of a consistent and disciplined routine. Your first order of business is to develop a creative brief. This vital document acts as the guide to arriving at your big idea. The brief outlines the challenge you need to solve, and as… Read More