Vintage Ads Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Movie Poster Feature

Vintage Ads: Horror Movie Posters From The Past

We’re back with the 7th edition of the Blade Vintage Ads Series and this month we’re bringing something special to the list. But first, if you’ve missed any of the previous entries in the series, have a look back and see what we’ve featured from the past. Vintage Beer Ads Vintage Car Ads Vintage Cigarette… Read More

Brand Your Event

How to Make Sure Your Events Build Brand Equity

[As published in Meetings + Incentive Travel*] Good branding is about integrity. When you consistently deliver on the core values that draw people to your brand, it becomes believable. It’s reliable. It has authenticity. The best way to create this sense of integrity is to take an integrated approach to every aspect of your brand messaging.… Read More

Arrow Feature

The CW’s Arrow on Target with Brand Community

At a time when more and more viewers are switching from appointment viewing on traditional cable and satellite to binge watching with streaming sites like Netflix or downloads of entire seasons, what can a network or show do to ensure that it keeps its brand community interested and engaged not only during the season, but in… Read More

5 Daily Branding Essentials Feature

The 5 Daily Essentials for Growing Your Brand

[As published in Meetings + Incentive Travel*] In today’s marketing world, branding is an always-on activity. With so many points of contact, online and offline, a strong brand must be seen as dynamic and vibrant; otherwise, it stagnates and loses ground. As a business-to-business professional, it’s important to always be aware of how your activities… Read More


Testimonials, Referrals and Awards, Oh My!

How to Encourage people to say good things about your company. (Originally published in PROFIT GUIDE online) It’s perfectly acceptable to tell people how great you are all by yourself—that’s called advertising. But testimonials, referrals and awards enhance your credibility in a way that advertising can’t because it’s messaging generated by satisfied customers and key opinion… Read More

Tim Cook U2 Feature

5 Reasons the U2 Download was the Wrong Move by Apple!

Brands align themselves with celebrities for a myriad of reasons – one is to create excitement about a new product launch. Last week, Tim Cook and Apple took their shot at doing just that with their U2 partnership and the auto-download of Songs of Innocence to iOS users all over the world. Now, if this… Read More

Wayne S Roberts Ice Bucket Challenge

Blade Branding Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Once in a while a movement becomes so popular that you can’t escape it. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become one of those movements – and we’re totally okay with that. This summer Blade Social Media Manager, Joshua Murray took on the Ice Bucket Challenge and, with the support of the team, included Principal… Read More

Design Matters Branding Images Feature

Design Matters: The Power Images Have on Your Brand

We all know the cliché ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. And as tired as the saying is, it effectively sums up the weight that images can have on your brand. The images you choose to associate with your brand probably speak louder than the copy you use to describe it. Be Unique The… Read More