New 2014 Air Bnb Logo

Air BnB: Building Relationships and Brand Community

The feeling one gets when  leaving home and travelling is something that can be emotionally rewarding and memorable for a lifetime. Maybe no brand is doing a better job of recognizing this and capitalizing on it than Air BnB. Their current “Belong Anywhere” campaign is a great example of taking people’s desire for comfortable travel and personal… Read More

Social Media Swarm Feature

How to Deal with the Social Media Swarm Mentality

Although social media platforms have enabled us to connect with our brand communities quicker and easier, we know that social media has also enabled those with negative experiences to voice their disdain in a much more public platform. This negative commentary can also be followed or shared by many others who may have experienced similar negative experiences with… Read More

2014 Pizza Hut Logo Feature

Pizza Hut Rebranding for Foodies and Millenials

One of the most recognizable pizza restaurants in the world is rebranding. That’s right, Pizza Hut, founded in 1958, is making changes to their menu, logo, takeout packaging, website, and even server uniforms. It’s a wholesale change for the pizza chain, seemingly aimed at capturing millenials and foodies, and it’s being made to keep their… Read More

itunes red logo

Lightning in a Bottle: The Perfect Combination for Blogging Success

On October 20th, we published a blog post about Apple’s change of the iTunes icon from blue to red with the new 12.01 update. The post was written on the day the news became public in response to coverage, found through a Google search, on several tech websites. The Blade post was written to be short… Read More

Be True To Your Brand Feature

Be True to Your Brand: What I Learned About Branding From the Beach Boys

[As published in Meetings + Incentive Travel*] The basics of branding don’t change. One of those basics is that a brand has to stand for something and not waver. Another is that successful brands are built on strong brand communities. Although the phrase “brand community” was coined much later, the Beach Boys nailed the concept… Read More

Vintage Shaving Ad Feature

Vintage Ads: Shaving Ads From The Past

We’re back with the 8th edition of the Blade Vintage Ads Series and this month we’re bringing something special to the list with a Movember tribute! This year Blade is proud to be participating in Movember and the effort to raise funds to fight Men’s Cancer and Mental Illness. To learn more about Movember and… Read More


Halloween’s Best: Horror Movie Logos

Halloween is almost here, and horror movies new and old are taking over movie theatres, Netflix, and television. Despite being an often inventive and creative genre that preys on imagination to thrive, branding in horror movies is often clichéd and tends to fall into a few major categories. Logos in particular can be egregiously unimaginative.… Read More

Toronto Raptors We The North Brand Community Feature

Raptors Embrace Canada … and Brand Community Building

When Tim Leiweke joined MLSE he made the proclamation that if the Toronto Raptors were going to grow and become more successful financially, they needed to become Canada’s Team. Last spring, as the Raptors moved toward a playoff berth that electrified the fanbase and organization, the team took a giant step forward in embracing that… Read More