Why does my brand need to be on Google+?

This is part one of a three part blog about Google+. Already have a G+ account? How well are you maintaining it? Honestly? It’s easy to set up and unfortunately, very easy to overlook while you are focusing on busier platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. There are three major reasons for your brand to be on G+ that we will discuss in this blog.

  1. SEO
    You may have heard that Google + enhances your SEO but without understanding why and how, it’s easy to dismiss the platform.  When you post information on G+ and people share, comment or +1 it on G+, that tells Google your information is valuable. This increases your Google ranking. For a more in depth explanation of this, check out How to Use Google+ for SEO.Another nice feature of G+ is that your success can be displayed along with your site on Google’s search results, check out how a search for Nike looks below:

    A Google search for Nike reveals their Google+ page as well.
    A Google search for Nike reveals their Google+ page as well.
  2. Opportunity
    As of September, G+ had 400 million registered users and 100 million of them were active that month. There is a common thought that G+ is not as busy as Twitter or Facebook, however, I would disagree with that; G+ is simply more focused. It is the rare person who posts a simple status update on G+. The content is more valuable, thus demanding more of your brand. Don’t let that scare you though, as offering high quality content results in higher quality engagement, allowing you to better get to know your followers.
  3. Brand Community
    All of the above may have sold you on G+ but don’t start posting just yet. The most important part of your decision involves listening to see if your brand community is on Google plus. Take some time to check up on what they are talking about, who they are talking to, and what kind of content they engage with.

Now you are ready to engage, it’s time to open that account and start posting the content your community wants.

We are planning two more weeks of G+ blogs, one on creating content and one pointing out some brands on G+ which make it all look very easy. These are the leaders that you will want to check in on for best practices. Do you have a G+ account? Let us know and we will add you! Also, let us know what your G+ questions are, what is scary, and what is concerning you.

Melissa Turner

Melissa Turner

Melissa graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Melissa was introduced to social media through her experience with online analytics. Her experience as an analytics specialist allows her to bring important data driven analysis to social projects. Her areas of interest include social media's application to the social services, the use and abuse of statistics, as well as mathematical applications to artistic pieces.

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  • I think as soon as Google merges G+ and search result, the SEO game will be completely changed. Google will care more about +1s than other factors.


    • Melissa Turner

      Hey Nader,
      Thanks for the comment. I completely agree, when search and G+ merge, SEO will be a different game. Do you think +1 will be more important than actual comments? +1 shows that there is value in the content but I think a comment shows that the content is worth engaging with.

      Melissa Turner

      • Nader Mah


        First I am happy to see my forecast was right. SEO has been changed completely since the time I left a comment for your blog.

        +1s are easier for Googlers to monitor. Comments are better to understanding and creating conversation.