The Blade Puzzler: Game 16

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The box shown here with a piece missing is a particular shade of blue. Can you name the brand by this colour alone?

The distinctive blue was selected by the namesake and co-founder of this New York-based company for the cover of Blue Book, the brand’s annual catalogue, first published in 1845.

In the late 1880s, the company began to also use this lustrous colour—which wonderfully complements the exquisitely handcrafted merchandise sold by the luxury retailer—on other promotional material such as boxes and shopping bags, as well as in advertising. Now, it is universally recognized as this brand’s blue.

The colour, similar to that of a robin’s egg, may have been chosen because of the popularity of the gemstone turquoise in the 19th century. Victorian brides were known to give their attendants a turquoise brooch as a wedding day memento.

Today, due in large part to its association with this brand—a world-renowned arbiter of style and taste—this specific shade of blue is popular as a theme at bridal showers and weddings in general, appearing on everything from dresses and décor to linens and cakes.

The coveted blue box itself, usually presented with a white ribbon around it, tied in a bow, can only be acquired with a store purchase. True to the founder’s vision, it has become an icon of luxury and exclusivity, inspiring excitement and wonder when seen, sheer joy when received.

Pantone produces this brand’s blue as PMS 1837. However, as a trademarked, private, custom colour, it is not publicly available, and thus, is not printed in the Pantone Matching System swatch books. The Pantone number was derived from the year of this company’s founding.

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3 comments on “The Blade Puzzler: Game 16

  1. Nancy McGovern on said:

    Another great Puzzler, Keith! I especially like that you Included an interesting history of the brand.

  2. i LOVE getting gifts in these boxes. So sparkly!! :)

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