All Flavours Are Welcome: Meet the New Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant, multi-cultural, busy city – we know that because we live and work here. But millions of people around the world don’t know the city like we do, which is why Tourism Toronto has released their most recent video ad.

The one minute and eleven second video is packed with Toronto-centric imagery, landmarks, and celebrities. It celebrates the diversity and welcoming nature of Canada’s largest city to all who wish to visit.

As Torontonians we sometimes overlook all of the greatness packed into our city. It’s not uncommon, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees, but by showcasing all of the things that citizens may take for granted, Toronto (the brand) can show off to the world!

Rotman School and Management marketing professor and Brand Edge Season 1 guest, David Soberman called it “one of the best ads I’ve seen – ever – for a city…” in this post (link). And we agree.

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This ad presents Toronto as Canada’s Downtown, which is a strong statement. And while it may draw the ire of some other cities who love to hate on the GTA, it’s a solid point. Toronto is the country’s largest city. We are home to entertainment, business, culture and more.

In November 2014, after John Tory’s election as Toronto’s new mayor, we asked whether it was time to rebrand Toronto. And while there hasn’t been a new logo or edict from city hall, there have been steps, like the Toronto Sign, that have shone a positive light where a negative one once glowed.

So even if this campaign doesn’t come from the mayor’s office, and instead from the Toronto Tourism board, it screams TORONTO!

We love this city, we stand up for this city, and this ad helps to capture its vibrancy and relevance for everyone to see.

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