My Favourite Canadian Brand: Loblaws

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we asked members of the Blade staff to tell us about their “Great Canadian Brand”. Here’s what Blade’s Senior Graphic Designer, Warren Fisher had to say:

What’s Your Favourite Canadian Brand?

I’ve seen all types of Canadian brands that have left their mark on our Canadian culture. One Canadian brand that has stood out to me is Loblaws. Both its No Name and President’s Choice brands have really generated a lot of attention among Canadian consumers.

When Did You First Start Following/Adopting Loblaws into your lifestyle?

I think it was around 1985 when I first started to purchase food at Loblaws. My adoption of their core promise of making the shopping experience easier has really made them stand out to me as a leader among the other grocery chains.

What are the core values of Loblaws that make you proud to be Canadian?

Loblaws is an empire. I believe they first originated as a property/mall leasing company that used their power to aggressively push out competitors such as IGA and others to merge with their own stores. For example, No Frills, Joe Fresh, Fortinos and now Shoppers Drug Mart are now all under the Loblaws umbrella –all are brands that I like. Canada does extremely well in the retail market, but unfortunately many retail chains typically run to the U.S. to sell off their success. Loblaws on the other hand has stayed true to their core value of making the Canadian shopping experience easier, which is why I value their brand identity.

Loblaws makes every effort to provide quality at every level of experience – from every into the market to every item they sell. Their demographic ranges from low-income to upper class. Loblaws recognizes this and is why they have done such a good job of merging other great companies with their core identity – leaving no one out. That’s equality that is of Canadian-quality!

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