“Blade has been a strong partner in updating and redefining our brand providing a full range of branding, advertising and even consulting services that have helped many aspects of our business.” — Roland Jerch, President

Moving Up Case Study

Bell Lifestyle Products

The Challenge

The Brand had Serious Growth Potential

After nearly 20 years in the health supplement business, Bell Lifestyle was facing a cooling market, more sophisticated competitors and an ageing buyer base. Despite large budgets for traditional media, the brand was underperforming. A generational shift in this family business was bringing new energy and fresh ideas to the table.

The Strategy

A Fully Optimized Online Presence

Bell Lifestyle needed to embrace a more balanced branding effort. Along with imagery and messaging updates, the brand would need a stronger online presence with a robust blog with a professional grade newsletter; and it all needed support from an optimized digital ad campaign across North America. View Website.

The Result

An Upward Swing Across all Indicators

Nearly three years into the brand revitalization program, Bell Lifestyle’s metrics are on an upward swing across all indicators. Our ecosystem approach is reinforcing Bell Lifestyle’s relationship with its core communities and attracting new buyers, retailers, and advocates, too.

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