Blade Monday Creative Boost | April 28th 2014

Start your Monday off right as Chris brings you the ‘Monday Creative Boost’, a look at his top 15 most inspiring design related items of the week. This week, your host Chris will be showcasing his favourite flat website designs of today, enjoy!

The overarching theme of Flat Design is the Minimalistic backbone, overtaking the web design landscape since early 2013. Vivid colour and imaginative typography are a mainstay in “Flat” based web designs. If you want to convey content quickly and beautifully Flat website design is your new best friend.

15. Surfkollen

14. Webflow Interactions


12. Cranial Ink

11. Dreamtrip.


9. mysms App

8. Kaiser Sosa Portfolio

7. DoneDone

6. BounceBlock

5. Iuvo


3. Studio Up

2. Brand Aid Design Co.

1. Charles-Axel Pauwels

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Chris comes to Blade Creative Branding highly-skilled in both graphic design and web development. As a designer, photographer, and computer aficionado, he has a sharp eye for detail, supported by technological knowledge, creating beautiful, functional designs for print and web. His skill, demeanour, and work ethic make Chris Lennox an extremely valuable part of the Blade team. With varied interests, ranging from sports and technology to comedy and the arts, his perspectives on such topics as they relate to branding and advertising are thought-provoking and timely, and always uniquely entertaining.

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