Vintage Ads: Christmas Ads From The Past

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It only makes sense that the 9th edition of our Vintage Ads Series focus on old Christmas advertisements. After all, ’tis the season to be shopping.

This month’s Vintage Ads list features 10 ads from the past focused on Christmas as the reason to buy brand’s products. From cola to bicycles, we’ve found a little bit of everything. But what you won’t see, or who you won’t see rather, is Santa. We’ve got something special planned for the big man from the North Pole later in the month.

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The All-Family Holiday Drink!
Before the days of Fido Dido, 7up went with the the full family effect to sell its un-cola.

Deck the halls with plop plop, fizz fizz, falalalala lalala…..Ahhh!
Before today I had no idea that Sammy Davis Jr. was an Alka-Seltzer pitchman. But now I do and I think this ad is fantastic. Just look at that smiling face. This is a man who is very happy to have Alka-Seltzer in his stocking instead of coal.

Baby Ruth
Baby Ruth is a pretty vintage chocolate bar, especially when you consider the pride taken in the dextrose enrichment. However, I will be looking into the Christmas tree this year to see if there’s a candy bar hidden in the branches.

Seven to seventeen… Daisy will make it a Christmas to remember.
Daisy is the maker of the Red Ryder BB Gun, which instantly makes me think of Ralphie being warned that he’ll shoot his eye out. I’m not sure this is a gift that a seven year old needs to unwrap Christmas morning. 

General Electric
Ready to use.
General Electric wanted to take the safety risk out of tree trimming so that the kids could be more involved and the parents could have more eggnog. Ok, I’m not sure that second thing was part of their motivation, but it certainly works!

Lucky Strikes
Six cartons of cigarettes is the laziest Christmas present buying ever. Not to mention the bad for your health part. She didn’t even warp them - but at least Lucky Strike had holiday packaging to make up for that. 

Murray Bicycles
Millions of children have dreamed of waking up Christmas morning to find a new bicycle waiting for them under the tree. This ad is designed specifically to make that happen and to give everyone a Murray Christmas.

Nobody in the office is exactly sure what this lady is putting on her head… but she seems happy with it. That must be the joy that Pepsi-Cola delivers during the holidays. 

War Bonds
…a size for every member of the family! 
The General Tire & Rubber Company did their part to support the war effort with this Christmas ad for War Bonds. Here’s hoping there’s never another ad like this again. 

Don’t have the cash for a nice tropical vacation this winter, but want it to look like you’ve been on the beach daily? Give your wife a Westinghouse Sun Lamp and let all of the other ladies in the neighbourhood get jealous! 


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