Frozen as F*ck : Vintage Winter Ads from the Past

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We’ve hit the deep freeze. That time of year that icicles form on moustaches and you feel like you’re fingers are going to fall off. But not everyone clomid doses is suffering. For decades there have been print generic for zithromax campaigns focused on the winter months and pitching the products that will make your life better!

Have a look at 10 of our favourite Vintage Winter Ads and let us know which one is your favourite with a comment.

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Long underwear is a wonderful thing on frigid winter days. Luckily, high quality, pure wool long johns have been around for a long time. And like the ad says…

You don’t know the comfort of pure wool until you have worn Chilprufe 

Dr. Pepper
This may be the most unexpected après-ski ad I’ve ever seen. I have cracked open my fair share of Dr. Pepper cans over the years. I’ve even added a touch of rum once in a while. But never, ever amoxicillin in my life have I thought about heating it up.

I love this ad, mostly because I always loved a good snowball fight, and my inner child immediately sees that man’s top hat as the perfect target for a showball. My only concern is that only one of those four children is wearing mittens. I know it’s a headwear ad, but still.

Lindt makes some of the most delicious chocolates I’ve ever had. They are a holiday classic and everyone seems happy when they open a fresh box. I’m sure that they would be just as tasty on a ski hill.

We don’t see the Marlboro ads like we used to, at least not in Canada. But this classic fits perfectly with the old Marlboro man persona. And while we don’t even see these cold cowboys smoking, we don’t for a second question the fact that they are in flavour country.

Sometimes you want a cold drink on a cold day, so why not a Schlitz? This vintage ad makes it clear that drinking Schlitz means a move up to quality!

Vintage Winter Ads Ski Doo

3 New ways to ‘doo it.

There is so much going on in this ad, I don’t even know where to begin. The look on the guy’s face is kind of scary, the combination of black and yellow is 100% in your face, and those 1978 Ski-Doos are absolutely gorgeous. You won’t see an ad like this again any time soon.

Sky Chief
Anyone who has ever tried to start their car on a cold Canadian morning knows the trouble it can be. More than the funny visual in the ad, I’m curious why no oil companies are promoting gas guaranteed to start your car in 2015.

Spring Mills
This is probably the second most inappropriate image in this post. The Spring Mills, Springmaid Fabrics “false bottoms” seem like they were perfect for figure skating without worrying about pants getting in the way. But they can’t really be that warm on an icy winter day, can they?

S.R. Toothpaste
Now for the most inappropriate image in the post… S.R. toothpaste is tingling fresh, so maybe the snow hitting this woman in the face is supposed to signify that feeling?

note: After 10 minutes of talking about this phizer viagra canada ad in the office we have come up with no other explanations for this ad.

Leave a comment to tell us which of these Vintage generic viagra usa Winter Ads is your favourite. And if you have a favourite that isn’t on our list, attach it with your comment.


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