Google Mobilegeddon a Win for Blade and Clients

Google has finally announced that they will be giving search result preference to websites that have been optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

This change is a big win for internet users searching for relevant information on their mobile devices (a number that is still increasing year over year) and for the brands who have put the time, money, and effort into their website and ensuring that they have a mobile friendly version available.

It’s also a big win for Blade, as per Chief Strategy Officer Patrick McGovern,

We’ve insisted on mobile-responsive website design with all our clients for years; and from our perspective the real question is why Google waited so long to move on this. It may be cynical, but I think Google has known for a while that they’re making PPC revenue on mobile clicks going to sites that were a poor experience for mobile users. Now they’re finally acknowledging that it’s better to disallow the click than continue giving mobile users a bad experience.

That insistence Patrick mentions has put all of the clients Blade has designed and built websites for ahead of the curve and well suited for all search results based on Google’s new requirements. Clients like Ramblin’ Road, Paradigm Condominiums, Crown Industrial Roofing, and Benzagel Canada have all trusted Blade with their websites, and we have built desktop and mobile friendly versions for all of them.

Knowing that Blade clients do not need to be concerned about their search results because of “Mobilegeddon” also serves as a great example of Blade’s commitment to doing things the right way, beyond basic requirements, and with forward thinking strategy that leads to better results now and in the future.


Joshua Murray

Joshua Murray

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