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For years internet users have clenched their fists and cursed Microsoft for the uselessness of Internet Explorer, but that’s all about to change.

After months of announcements and speculation, the brand has announced that they will be releasing Microsoft Edge as their new internet browser with all Windows 10 devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) this year. Previously known as Project Spartan, the new browser is Microsoft’s opportunity to prove to customers that they have the ability to fix what has been broken with Explorer for years, and give people a reason to use the default browser rather than downloading Google Chrome or Firefox.

But because we haven’t had a chance to use the new Microsoft Edge as of yet, we can only really judge it on its branding. So today we have the opinions and grades from the Blade Studio team to share with you.


Grade: C-
I’m not crazy about the name – Internet Explorer gave you an idea of what it was, like Safari or Netscape Navigator. Edge is from the Chrome / Firefox school of “it sounds cool,” I suppose.

Say what you will about Internet Explorer, that logo was pretty sweet. This new logo is attempting to hang on to the history, while losing everything great about it. It reeks of compromise – “we need to win back the users who gave up on Explorer years ago, but we don’t want current users of Explorer to get confused.”


Grade: C-
I don’t dislike the new logo, but if Microsoft was trying to win hearts and minds, this is a nose dive. It’s just so damn boring! It’s understandable that the old IE logo might be kicking around on your machine and they want it to be harmonious with the old, but come ON! Live a little Microsoft.

Rebranding a Pig’s Ear: How Microsoft Internet Explorer 12 Became the Spartan with No Name 


Grade: C
I’m on the fence. I like the colour blue they have chosen for Microsoft Edge. It is definitely more contemporary and the thicker lines take up more space and have more presence than the old one. They removed the orbiting “saturn’s ring” from the ‘e’ but kept the cut and even made it more pronounced. This makes it look jagged and, to a degree, incomplete… like the rebranding.

I like the brand name change. Microsoft Edge makes more of a bold statement than Internet Explorer and having a cohesive name across their multiple products will keep a consistent image of the Microsoft brand. 


Grade: E (for effort)
As much as the old logo reminds me of the 1990s, and the orbiting swoosh has been done a zillion times since, it is still a solid, easily recognizable icon.

With the new one, I can only assume that the direction given to the designer was, “Make it entirely new but completely the same,” or something to that effect. If so, job done.

Making an ass out of you and me (mostly me) once again, as far as naming this “revolutionary” new product goes, my admittedly uninformed guess is that the brainstorming session went something like this: “We need an edgy word that begins with the letter E… Hey! I know…”


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