More Than Just Pizza: Domino’s Rebrand

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Earlier this year Domino’s Pizza decided that it was time to rebrand, so they dropped the thing that purchase accutane made them famous, Pizza.

The move was made to encourage more education and ordering of Domino’s other menu items like pasta, chicken, and fancy bread.

The result is a sleek look with .This seemed to help me a lot. I noticed an effect after about 2 weeks of use You can buy branded and generic medicines. a 1 word name. The logo remains the same as it has been since it was last changed in 2012, which lessens any shock in the rebrand, but at the same time it may also lesson the impact that the name change has.

There is some confusion created in looking at the brand. The “new” logo shown in the right half of the image at the top of this post has been used by the brand since 2012. However, in the 30 second TV spot below you can see the pre-2012 logo being removed from a Domino’s store.

Was the brand that far behind in updating kamagra ajanta their physical locations? Or was this visual used because it how to discontinue prednisone has more impact? We don’t know.

While the messaging is clear in the TV campaign, Domino’s has failed in their rebrand in one place in particular, social media.

As of today (June 10, 2023) the official Facebook, Twitter (Canada & US), Instagram, and YouTube accounts all still have the name “Domino’s Pizza” in their descriptions. It may be a simple mistake, and to some people it may be small, but it shows a lack of alignment in what the brand is buy viagra online purchase telling people is a big change. It would take 5 minutes to update Twitter and Instagram, and a brand as large as Domino’s should have no trouble getting a Facebook change zithromax doseage made as well.

Whether this rebrand helps Domino’s sell more secondary menu items will be seen. Whether this rebrand causes Domino’s to sell fewer pizzas also needs to be seen.

Overall this is an underwhelming rebrand with some money and a TV campaign behind it. I don’t see it moving the needle on pasta sales any more than a large scale promotion with the same advertising budget could have done.

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