Grand Slam Home Run: Vintage Baseball Themed Ads from the Past

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We’re back with the 15th edition of the Vintage Ads Series, and this month I’ve pulled ads that are very close to my heart. As a baseball lover and ad agency employee I have to say that this may have been my favourite of these posts to put together so far.

Now, have a look at the 10 baseball themed ads I’ve picked and leave a comment to let me know which one you think is the most outrageous, or your favourite.

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Here we go!


There was a time before soccer became popular in North America that the majority of little boys played little league baseball every summer. And according to this ad, those little ballplayers needed 7up to quench their thirst.

Baby Ruth

While many benches have bubblegum in buckets, I don’t know of many that have candy bars. But if Baby Ruth really is rich in Dextrose, the sugar your body uses directly for energy, maybe big leaguers should be reaching for them in the late innings!

BF Goodrich/ P.F. Canvas Shoes

Here’s our 1st example of a big league baseball player in a vintage ad. Yogi Berra is a New York Yankees legend, and it seems he was also a pitchman for P.F. canvas shoes. Quite honestly I had no idea that B.F. Goodrich made shoes.

Chesterfield Cigarettes

This ad makes the list for two reasons.
1. The overwhelming talent included. Ted Williams, Stan Musial, and Joe DiMaggio are legends of the game, and three of the best major league baseball players of all-time.
2. You are never going to see a cigarette ad featuring pro athletes now. Not all-stars, not hall of famers, not even the guys who sit on the bench.


Mickey Mantle was once one of America’s biggest heroes. I can only imagine that Gem sold a heap of razors thanks to The Mick‘s endorsement. Plus, that’s a great price!

Havoline Motor Oil

One of the most intense moments in a baseball game comes when the manager argues with an umpire. There have been fantastic tantrums that have been quite entertaining and have gone viral, but I’ve never seen one used to sell motor oil. Well done Havoline.

Red Man

Chewing tobacco is slowly on its way out of baseball thanks to new rules prohibiting use in the minor leagues, but there was a time when players who weren’t smoking we chewing. And as a bonus, they were giving away baseball cards in every pack, and this ad offers a free baseball cap as well. What a deal!

Red Rock Cola

Babe Ruth, the man that all hitters are compared to even 85 years after his retirement and 67 years after he died. But not everything The Babe did was a home run. This poster for Red Rock Cola was produced in 1939, but by the late 1950’s the company stopped distribution and nearly folded.

Ronrico Rum

It took too much internet searching to find a baseball themed ad that featured a woman. And while this doesn’t show women in action on the diamond, at least she’s not in a skirt like the players from A League Of Their Own.


Finally, an ad for something that baseball still embraces today! Wrigley’s gum is a classic and while Double Bubble was always my personal favourite on the bench, Wrigley’s can’t be denied as a big deal from the little leagues to the big leagues.


From 1994, here is a great McCain Punch TV spot featuring Hall of Fame 2nd baseman and Toronto Blue Jay, Roberto Alomar!


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