Burger King Rebrands with a Brand New Look

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Burger King Home of the Whopper FeatureThe world of fast food is as competitive as ever with brands shifting focus to healthier options, retaining customers, and continuing to try to make money.

But instead of adding a new salad or incentive program, Burger King has redesigned their packaging, the look of the stores, and even their menu icons in what appears to be an effort to look younger, hipper, and more of a draw for Millenials.

Have a look at the new french fry and burger packaging and see the use of colour, font, and fun in the packaging. The addition of the red spatula on the cheeseburger wrapper is design touch that helps to steer Burger King away from being just another cheap burger wrapped in paper. As a reversible wrapper (the other side says hamburger), the cheese slice is also a fun and functional addition. It becomes a signifier for both customers and staff, and that’s a good thing.

And on the fry box the french fry and ketchup smile/tongue image is fun, if not a bit silly. All three sizes include an easy to identify colour (that fits in the colour scheme of the brand) at the bottom, which is key for staff scooping orders in the back, and keep the logo in plain sight, without having it take over the “canvas”.

My favourite piece of this new rebranded design is the takeout bag. The bold colour blocks representing the different layers and burger ingredients are a nice touch, and the use of the same colours on the printed side of the bag offers consistency and a cohesive message. This is a whole new design and presentation, not just a half-assed attempt to update some stale packaging.

Blade designer Chris Lennox gives his take: “The take-away bag is the launching off point for me in this rebrand. I love the textures and colour palette working pretty harmoniously together here. Excellent font choice, nice and bold/blocky with earthy tones adds a youthful/”earthy” personality to their brand.”

However, for every winner there’s a loser. And for me the loser is the new series of Burger King coffee cups. I understand that the icons on the cups are meant to signify the level of caffeine buzz that I’ll get from drinking it growing from the alarm clock to the light bulb, and finally to the lightning bolt. But they seem very silly and disconnected from the ideas presented in the design of the burger, fry, and takeout packaging.

The last piece of the rebrand puzzle lies in the menu icons. By creating animated versions of the Burger King menu items, the brand has made the board fun, without making things completely awkward and unidentifiable.

CL: “These icons teamed up with the bag design pack a pretty neat aesthetic punch. The texture on all these assets allows the opportunity to be printed uniquely every time, on different mediums with different printing outcomes… like a retro graphic t-shirt for example. Why the rest of the new branding doesn’t hold true to these bag / icon designs is a mystery to me.”

Overall I’m willing to give this Burger King redesign/rebrand a passing grade. With the exception of the coffee cups they have created a fun and cohesive set of branded packaging to update the brand and move forward. And while we’ll have to wait to see if the updates result in customer retention or higher sales, for now Burger King can at least say it looks good.

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