After 78 Years, Kraft Dinner Rebrands as KD

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In 1937 Kraft Dinner was introduced to Canada and the United States. And through the decades and generations that have passed, Americans have come to know the boxed meal as Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, while Canadians have affectionately referred to the brand as KD.

78 years later, that affectionate nickname is now becoming the official name.

KD brand director Kristen Eyre made the announcement Thursday morning adding, “Why would we continue to call it Kraft Dinner when Canadians don’t refer to us that way? The way Canadians refer to Kraft Dinner as KD is as much a term of endearment as when you call a relative or a friend by a nickname. … It’s such a love mark for them, and we should be reflecting that.”

The move is part of a larger undertaking that has seen sodium reduced and the promise of removing artificial colour from the famous macaronni and cheese product. Those changes will have a direct impact on the perception of the brand as a healthy dinner option to consumers, in a time when it has become more important than ever before.

The name change is a different. The emotional connection many people have to Kraft Dinner goes back to their childhood. For many it was one of the first things they could make for themselves. It became a cliche for college students. The brand’s goal is to take those same people and that emotional connection and move it forward.

The combination of changes in the rebrand is designed to reach young parents and show them that they can combine their fond memories and responsibility to give their children healthier options.

If successful, the new KD could be the move that propels one of Kraft’s most famous brands into the future.

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