Trick or Treat: Vintage Halloween Ads from the Past

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With Halloween on the way we’re starting to get in a Trick or Treat kind of mood. Candy, costumes, and trouble-making are the norm this time of year, and so are targeted ads.

Today we’re looking back at 10 of our favourite ads from the Halloween season. Have a look back with us and leave a comment to tell us which one you like best!

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When I started my search I had no idea I’d end up with a beer ad on this list. But here we are and here it is. There’s nothing in the copy that screams Halloween, but the imagery is there, so that has to count for something.


Things go better with Coke. I guess that includes jack o’lanterns because this couple isn’t in costume yet. Also, who doesn’t like a little instant energy?

Hunt’s Catsup

Very clever Hunt’s. The tomato jack o’lantern atop a ketchup bottle gets the brand into the Halloween game and the copy along the bottom is just playful enough to seal the deal.


Everyone loves candy, but you can’t forget about the costume! Luckily, Kellogg’s had cut-out masks on the back of their cereal boxes. I’ll take the pirate or the tiger please.


It seems leggy witches aren’t a new Halloween invention. Either that or Leaf has way ahead of the game in 1970. If you’re looking for a whole lot of candy, these are the people to talk to!

Lucky Strike

Of course Lucky Strike has a Halloween ad, these guys had war ads, Christmas ads, Valentine’s Day ads, and probably Thanksgiving ads if we looked hard enough. “The way this jack o’lantern smiles you’d almost think that he could really takes the Lucky Strike he’s lighting up for me!” 


One of the coolest things about old comic books is the cut-out mail-in pages from the back. This one from Marvel gives kids some pretty awesome Halloween costume options to show off to all of their friends.

Milky Way

Everyone loves getting mini-chocolate bars at Halloween, and Milky Way really wanted to make sure you were giving away theirs. “… be ready with plenty of luscious Milky Ways.”


Nestle’s also offers the Halloween candy that trick or treaters love! And with special Halloween packaging, how could you resist?


Let’s wrap up our alphabetical list with Wowe-e’s chewing gum whistle. I’ve never seen it, but it looks like it would be both tasty and a whole lot of fun until your parents took it away for being annoying.


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