Happy Movember: Vintage Moustache Ads from the Past

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With Movember underway we’ve got moustaches on our mind. And it just so happens that there are a whole heap of ads from the past that fit our current fascination.

Today we’re looking back at 10 of our favourite ads featuring moustaches. Have a look back with us and leave a comment to tell us which one you like best!

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Look at this fashionable American man in his French style shirt. He looks great, but we can all agree that it’s his moustache that really gets the ladies interested.

Benson & Hedges

I really have no idea what’s happening with this cigarette and necklace, and it appears that this moustachioed man doesn’t either. Nice hair though.


Back to back cigarette ads, don’t be surprised. We may not see them in Canadian magazines now, but there was a time when big tobacco had ads everywhere. And in the 70s there was a moustache in most of them!


This wine based beverage seems pretty classy, especially with the addition of the tuxedo in this ad. But this Bond-ish fellow really draws his power from his glorious ‘stache.

Linia Belts

“You look remarkably well to-night!”

The copy writers may have intended for these gentlemen to be talking about belts, but I think they’re more focused on those very distinguished ‘staches.


Takeaway: I’m not the only one who dreams about McDonald’s breakfast! Great job with the double photo in this ad, both showing off the moustache.


A 3rd cigarette ad (and the last) on the list. The sun is shining directly into this poor dude’s eyes. He could really use some eye protection. What he doesn’t need through is upper lip protection. He’s got that covered.


Another classy ad! Martinis and sweaters and moustaches collide to bring the French Martini to life. She’s holding the drink and his attention, and she is looking directly at his moustache. Don’t act like you’re surprised.

Chaz ft. Tom Selleck

Finally we’ve reached our moustache celebrity entry on the list. Tom Selleck has one of the most fantastic ‘staches in Hollywood, and advertisers knew that. Add the facial hair to the cowboy hat and 1982 Fiat Turbo Spider and you’ve got pretty much everything you’ll ever need.

Stick on ‘Stache

If growing a moustache isn’t your thing, don’t worry. It’s clear from this old ad that you aren’t alone. However, for only $2 Honor House was 100% willing to send you a stick on ‘stache so you could party!



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