CFL Rebrands with New Logo and Slogan for 2016

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In the kick-off to their 103rd Grey Cup celebration, the CFL used Friday’s State of the League address to present a new logo, tagline, and video that take the league in a new direction as we prepare for the 2016 season.

The timing of the announcement was perfect, at no time during the calendar year does the CFL have more media attention than Grey Cup weekend. This isn’t the NFL with it’s draft day extravaganza or Thanksgiving day triple-header (although we do have a soft spot for the CFL’s Labour Day Classic games) to go with the media frenzy that is the Super Bowl. This is Canada’s humble, home town, professional sports league.

One interesting thing about the timing is that it comes at the end of Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge’s very first season as the head of league operations. It’s clear that the rebrand has been in motion since nearly day 1 in April, and the commish has wasted no time sharing his new plan for the Canadian Football League.

Along with the logo update, there’s a new tagline in town. Gone is “This Is Our League”  and the older, “Our Balls Are Bigger”, and in its place we’re given “What We’re Made Of”.

“It’s always humorous when a third rate entity, sports or otherwise, tries to lay claim to the DNA of an entire nation. But hey if it worked for the Raptors (#WeTheNorth) it might work for the CFL.” - Blade’s Chief Creative Officer, Wayne S. Roberts

The CFL is in need of growth in all of their markets. They need to see more ticket sales, higher TV numbers, and more merchandise sales to go along with it. A new logo and tagline is a good start but the success of the Toronto Argos, under new ownership and at a new stadium, will have a much bigger impact on the league’s bottom line.


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