HO HO HO: Vintage Merry Christmas Ads from the Past

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and for brands to create ads to say Merry Christmas.

For years brands have created ads that don’t so much push their product lines or advertise sale prices as they do spread joy and love in an attempt to grow their brand community and look good.

This month we’re taking a look back at 10 of our favourite Merry Christmas ads from brands over the last few decades. Have a look and leave a comment telling us which brand did it best!

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There’s a little pitch here, especially with the “including the tiniest tots!” line. But in the end it’s a sweet message to go along with a fuzzy beverage.

Baby Ruth

Candy and Christmas, what a good combination. Baby Ruth has never been on my tree, but with that blue bow it wouldn’t be out of place at all!


This ad from Boswell’s is trying to get you to buy their beer for the Christmas season, but Santa is so prominent, without drinking the beer, that we had to have it on our list.

Gibson Christmas Cards

It makes sense that a greeting card brand would end up here. They’re in the business of saying Merry Christmas!

Lucky Strike

The first of two cigarette brands to make the list, Lucky Strike wants to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Lucky New Year… see what they did there?

Philip Morris

It didn’t take long to get to cigarette brand number 2, with Philip Morris wishing a Merry Christmas and all the finest to you!


Texaco might have the cutest Merry Christmas message with the Fire-Chief pups front and centre. Well done!


It would be foolish to leave out the TTC from this list. There were a few ads to choose from, but the Toronto scenery helped lift this one to the top.

US Government

This war time ad from the US Government promotes peace, which is nice. Very nice.


Vendo ends our list, and they’ve done so by bringing Coca-Cola to the mix, one of the top Christmas advertisers of all-time.


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