Donald Trump Tops Worst Influencer List

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We live in a world of celebrity and social media influencers. With people all over the world being paid to pitch products in ads on TV, in print, and online. But what happens when it fails?

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Donald Trump is famously running for the Republican nomination for the 2016 US Presidential election. But he’s also a business man, a pitchman, an influencer if you will. And whether they were prepared for it or not, the brands that had married themselves to The Donald have now found themselves in a tight spot thanks to his outlandish words and actions.

No brand wants to be affiliated with the racist, facist, offensive things that Donald Trump has said. No brand wants to be known as the official anything of a man who fosters such hate and fear. And that’s why you’ve seen NBC move on from Trump and Celebrity Apprentice, it’s why Univision dropped The Miss Universe pageant (essentially forcing its sale to WME/IMG), but there’s one family of brands that finds themselves stuck with the Trump name plastered all over it.

All over the world, and particularly in North America, Trump’s name can be seen in giant letters on hotels and casinos. From Las Vegas, to Atlantic City, to Toronto, and soon to be Vancouver, the most polarizing name in branding (and politics) is attached to privately owned businesses that have nothing to do with him in their day to day operations. It’s a terrible spot to be in. Donald Trump is a billionaire, just ask him, and his money is tied up in all of these locations in one way or another, and with that money comes contracts and agreements that can’t easily be severed. Meaning that no matter what he says next, his name stays on these buildings and impacts sales.

A name that was once equated with luxury, status, and exclusivity is now tied to bigotry, misogyny, and even hate crimes.

The brands who could, dropped Trump. The ones that can’t, really wish they could. And that’s what makes Donald Trump the Worst Influencer in the world of branding.


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