VW Strips Down Creativity in Redemption Campaign

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In the wake of Volkswagen’s scandal plagued 2015, changes are coming in the German automaker’s 2016 marketing plan.

Gone is the “Das Auto” slogan. But instead of something flashier or overly creative, the new slogan will simply be “Volkswagen”.

Yes, that’s right. The new slogan for Volkswagen is Volkswagen.

Management looked at the “Das Auto” slogan (translating to “The Car”) and saw a statement of arrogance and elitism at a time when Volkswagen can’t claim those perceptions from the public.

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And so they have decided on a back to basics approach that the troubled brand hopes will connect with car buyers in the rebound stage of the diesel emissions scandal that pushed the brand into headlines all over the world. Everything secondary is gone, words, ideas, concepts, all of it has been thrown out the window.

If there ever was a time for any brand to strip away all of the bells and whistles, it is right now for Volkswagen. They’ve got nothing else to lose. 

Volkswagen hopes that a more humble and modest approach to marketing their product, and by extension their brand, will help to bring forgiveness, or at least a second chance from drivers looking for new wheels in 2016.

Will it work? Or is it too simple?

You tell us!

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