Can’t Buy Me Love: Vintage Valentine’s Day Ads II

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Blade Vintage Valentine's Day Ads 2016 FeatureWith Valentine’s Day so close we can taste the chocolate, we’ve decided that it’s time to look at 10 more Valentine’s ads. Last year we were happy with our 10 choices, but there are so many options that we just had to go looking for more.

Have a look at our list and leave a comment to tell us which of the 10 vintage ads you like the best!

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Vintage Valentines Ad Acme Ice CreamAcme Ice Cream

It’s a little cold in Toronto on Valentine’s Day for most of us to be thinking about ice cream. But if that’s your thing, Acme Ice Cream had you covered back in the day.

Vintage Valentines Ad BallantineBallantine

If your sweetheart is a beer drinker what better reason than a rhyme to pick up some Ballantine Ale? Seems like a perfect fit!

Vintage Valentines Ad ChesterfieldChesterfield

“you can’t buy a better cigarette”, so if you’re going to get a Valentine’s gift for someone, why not Chesterfield? Always get the best.

Vintage Valentines Ad Coca ColaCoca-Cola

Coke has always been a big supporter of holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no different. But instead of going after the sweetheart angle, they’ve hit the party supply line. Makes sense to us.

Vintage Valentines Ad Kraft CandiesKraft

Candy is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and Kraft’s nifty heart design in this ad makes us all think of love.

Vintage Valentines Ad Lennox


What?! Like an ironing board at Christmas, this is not a gift that we suggest getting for your Valentine. A for effort, F for execution.

Vintage Valetines Ad PezPez

More candy now with the most popular dispenser in the world of confections. Cupid and Pez look perfect together, now if we could only get that 25¢ price back.

Vintage Valentines Ad Wilson's MorWilson’s

Spam’s lesser known competitor in the canned meat market, Wilson’s Mor seems to be the object of little Jimmy’s affection. Someone get that boy a sandwich.

Vintage Valentines Ad WhitmansWhitman’s

Perhaps the most traditional of all 10 ads, Whitman’s chocolates really do fit perfectly with Valentine’s Day. The heart shaped box option is especially festive, and the kiss in the ad sends all the right messages.

Vintage Valentines Ad Yonge Bloor BayYonge-Bloor-Bay

Not an ad for a specific product, but for all of the businesses in the neighbourhood, this vintage ad makes us want to window shop with the one we love through old Toronto.



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