Vroom Vroom: Vintage Sports Car Ads from the Past

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Vintage Sports Car Ads Feature BannerThe golden age of sports cars is deep in the rear view mirror now, which makes it a perfect subject for the 25th edition of the Vintage Ads Series. Muscle cars, sports cars targeted for families, and the rare ads pushing women to own their own fast car all make an appearance this month.

As always, we want to know what you think. Leave a comment telling us which ad you like best, or dislike most, and stay tuned for next month’s edition of the Vintage Ads Series.

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American Motors

Not the biggest name in cars, American Motors still wanted to compete in the crowded sports car market, and the 1970 AMX came in at the right price point to do it. With a V8 engine and all the high performance and luxury accessories you’d want, there’s no doubt that American Motors took their best shot.


“We realize that, for some of you, driving and automobile is about as exhilarating as riding an escalator. That’s sad.”

I love that writing, the ’77 Camaro is automatically positioned as what’s exciting about driving, even before we get to the rest of the copy.


Datsun may not come to mind right away when you’re thinking about sports cars, but they were in the market with the Z-car and all of it’s sports car qualities. We aren’t exactly sure what year this ad is from, but the 240-Z last year in production was 1978.


Before there was native advertising, there were car ads like this one from Dodge. Yes, the photo takes up 2/3’s of the ad, but with 3 columns of tightly written copy, there’s no doubt that the story is important to the overall advertisement. Fast forward 40 years and the image is smaller, and the copy is longer, but the similarities are there.


Finally, a sports car ad targeted to women, it’s almost as if Ford is the only brand that recognized that women might actually want to drive a fast car. The line about the diary doesn’t need to be there, really, but otherwise it’s nice to see a woman in the ad as a potential driver and not just a passenger.


A long standing tradition in advertising is the product comparison, and Jaguar did it well here. Versus the Porsche 911E and Mercedes-Benz 280SL, it looks like the Jag XKE comes out on top, and so does Britain.

British Leyland

Buried in the bottom corner we see what little specs British Leyland wants to share about the MGB. But, front and centre is the woman that they want you to think about along with the car.

The “your mother wouldn’t like it.” line could be about her, or the car, it’s hard to say.


A 318 V-8 sounds like muscle, not school morning carpools, but the Plymouth Satellite seems to be ready for both. With room for 6 and power to spare, there’s nothing Plymouth wants you to think you can’t do in this car!


“It could only be one car”, with just one line Porsche has separated itself from the competition.

The 911 lost in its comparison to the Jaguar, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a classic. Even with a 6 cylinder engine, the Porsche competes with the American muscle that once ruled the road.

Triumph Motor Company

Lastly, but only alphabetically, Triumph rounds out our list. Like the Dodge ad above, the 3 columns of copy are a precursor to the long copy native ads we see today, but still had the vintage elements of days gone by.  Plus, a red sports car will always catch our eye.


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