Two Wheeled Freedom: Vintage Bicycle Ads from the Past

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We’re back again with the 27th edition of the Vintage Ads Series, and this month we’re looking at 10 awesome bicycle ads from the past.

Some of these go way back, and some are of a more recent vintage, but all 10 of them will bring you back to days gone by and summers on two wheels.

In case you’ve missed any of the previous entries, have a look back and see what we’ve featured so far.

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CCM is a classic brand, and this ’65 Mustang makes me want an easy to ride bike that I can cruise around in with my friends all summer long. Look at those sweet handles. And that seat!


I’m not sure exactly how old this ad is, but it’s certainly vintage. It doesn’t look like there’s anything special about this bike… but I’m okay with that. The simple ad with classy font are enough to land on this list.


Another old ad, but with a $75 price tag for a new bike! This ad has a lot more copy and is working a lot harder to get you to buy a Crescent bicycle, and with seven models for men, women and children it seems there’s something for everyone.


Until this very moment I had never ever heard of a Fuji bicycle, but here it is. In fact, they’re pretty sure that their audience had never heard of them either judging by the copy in this ad. And even though the brand is still around, we’re not sure many people ever saw them again. But this ad sure does have a great 70s/80s look to it!


There is so much going on in this add. The colours and copy and characters are all over the place, and there’s a shiny red bike right in the middle. If Monark was looking to capture the attention and imagination of children, I think they probably succeeded.


It was impossible not to include a Schwinn ad in this post - and like the copy says, it’s done right! With a whopping 10 bicycles and 1 girl in the ad, Schwinn has mixed the beauty and product pretty well.


Everything old from Sears has a special place for me, and this bicycle ad is no different. The lightweight “Spyder 500” has a great name, sweet handlebars, and a groovy seat. And this ad does a fantastic job of highlighting all the benefits of the model as well with their 6 breakout points.

Toledo Metal Wheel Co.

Who wants to race? Well first we better get our Blue Streaks from Toledo! The boy in this ad looks really determined, so he must be going fast. But what really drew me to this ad was the bike itself, which looks like so many of the tiny bikes you see zipping through crowded city streets (and sidewalks) these days.

Welland Vale

copy This classic ad from Welland Vale Bicycles in beautiful St. Catherine’s has 1 mission: show you value. Read the copy, the little bit there under “The Stag” - Better value than others are offering at $40.00. I think one of the other reasons I was drawn to this ad is the wonderful symmetry used in putting it together, it pleases my eyes. Good job Welland Vale.


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