Expert Interview Series: Joshua Murray About Social Media Marketing and More

Recently, Blade’s Social Media Manager, Joshua Murray hooked up with for an interview about social media, influencers and more…

Tell us a bit about your background. Why are you so passionate about social media management?

I was a public relations student in college before the time of social media, so communications was always a big part of my plan. And then when Facebook and Twitter became relevant communication tools, it was natural to start using them in marketing directly to consumers. I love the idea that we can use social media in so many different ways, and because it keeps growing and changing, social media is as exciting now as it was when I was using Facebook fan pages for brands. Seeing how much the medium has grown is an amazing thing, and knowing that this is a tool that can impact any brand is still an exciting idea, too.

These days, what portion of a typical brand is formulated by its social media presence?

It depends on the brand. A B2B brand may look to Linkedin to boost its profile, but may not put as much stock in Facebook. But most consumer goods brands who are looking to connect with current and potential customers are certainly investing more and more in social media to go along with their more traditional campaign elements.

What tactics, techniques, or approaches can you employ using social media that you can’t with more conventional types of marketing or advertising?

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