Content Success: Why You Need Organic and Paid Content Campaigns

Businesses are sometimes sceptical when it comes to providing a significant budget for content marketing with the presumed justification that content does not show a clear and measurable return on investment (ROI).

At Blade, we used research, examples, and strategy to encourage one of our clients to invest more in content creation for their major condominium real estate project, and it definitely paid off.

The client, a condominium development company, made the commitment to invest in online content ranging from written blog posts to YouTube videos.

The benefit of content driven marketing is that it’s not just a one time source of traffic or conversions. Content can work over the longterm. As long as the content remains relevant and it is live on your site, it will continue to work and traffic to your website.

If you compare that to the kind of money you may spend on paid search campaigns to get traffic, the ROI on content creation is much higher.

How does content work in an ecosystem approach?

Organic: Having relevant content helps your site ranking on Google; and being on the front page of Google allows your potential audience to see your pages and visit them with more ease and regularity.

Paid: Paid search campaigns use relevance parameters to measure how your site and ads rank compare to your competition. Having relevant content on your site allows your ads to have higher relevancy scores when it comes to these parameters. Relevancy scores have a strong impact on how much you pay for your campaigns. Moreover, visitors to your site are not going to bounce off of your website if they see rich content that keeps them engaged.

With our condominium development client, we doubled their paid traffic with the same budget because of the higher relevancy score that quality content delivered, while lowering costs per click for their paid campaigns.

Investing in content is key to branding your business and grabbing the attention of potential prospects in the digital world. If your brand is in need of a more robust content strategy, give us a call.