The Importance of Content for Social Media

Blade understands the value of quality digital content. Whether that content is found on a brand’s website, in digital advertising campaigns, or on social media platforms, it’s importance cannot be understated. Our commitment to working with our clients to create the quality content they need is ongoing and an essential part of the Blade Creative Branding ecosystem approach.

In recent years, social media has become an important portal for brands online. Brand pages and accounts allow for communication and advertising directly to brand community members and potential customers. And that process of connecting and communicating through social media begins with great content that engages the audience, and contributes to the brand’s overall messaging strategy.

While text only updates were once common on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the tide has shifted, and it has become apparent that visual content is a necessity in the modern social media age. Reports from BuzzSumo and buffer show that Facebook posts with visual content receive 2.3x more engagement than posts without visual content, and Twitter posts with visual content can receive up to 150% more Retweets than posts without visual content. It is also important to note that video plays an important role in quality visual content creation, with posts including a video averaging 62% more engagement than post that include photos.

Blade Client Success

Social media also offers the opportunity for brands to increase awareness and build their brand community. At Blade, we’ve seen the positive results that come from effectively run social media profiles and campaigns.

Over the last three years, Bell Lifestyle Products’ Facebook community has grown exponentially in North America, and overseas, with quality engagement on posts that share health tips, motivational ideas, recipes, blog posts, and product information. This growth has also coincided with increased visits to Bell Lifestyle Products websites, including product pages where customers can purchase.

Likewise, Benzagel Canada has seen continued growth through social media, using contests, user generated content, and acne related tips and content. Brand ambassadors and influencers have also been recruited through social media for the brand, and have added value to Benzagel’s social media campaign.

Both clients understand the importance of using social media platforms to grow their brand community online, and tie together their advertising messaging and brand promises.

The importance of relevant and compelling content is essential. Everyday, brands and consumers flood social media platforms with content. So, if brands are going to stand out, it’s going to be through their content. In fact, creating content that earns engagement from your brand community is vital. Facebook, which remains perhaps the most significant social media platform for brands, has put the utmost importance on engagement. Posts, both organic and paid, that receive reactions, comments, and shares will be seen by more Facebook users through the platform’s algorithm.

Engagement serves other purposes and goals as well

When social media users engage with a brand’s content, they are entering into a relationship with that brand. When users click through a social media link to a blog post, homepage, or product listing, they are making an investment of their time, and moving forward in their path to purchase.

“With 40% of 16-24 year-olds using social as a key research channel, the opportunity is there,and social media can play a role in every part of the journey, all the way from awareness through to purchase.” -

When some brands create content for social media platforms, it feels like it’s a throw away, or after thought, and that should never be the case. The same strategic thinking and planning that is given to your digital and traditional advertising should be given to your social media content. There should be goals in mind, a look and feel that your brand is embracing, and a consistency to the content that you are providing to your brand community and online audience.

One of the ways to achieve this quality and consistency is to repurpose content that you have created for other platforms. Whether it’s a video used in a television campaign, a poster used in print, or a series of visuals used in digital ads, your brand is already creating quality content, and you should be using it in social media. Likewise, brands should be looking at opportunities to create engaging content for social media (images, videos, gifs) while they are creating content for digital and traditional advertising campaigns.

A consistency in your messaging and imagery is a smart and strong move for your brand’s overall campaign.


1. Creating engaging and relevant content for your brand’s social media platforms is vital. Not posting at all, posting text only, and even posting with low quality content undermines the strategy of being on social media in the first place, as well as the opinion social media users may have of your brand.

2. Video is becoming increasingly important, especially as Facebook puts more importance on it. While photos continue to earn more engagement than text only posts, videos earn even more, making them an important part of your brand’s content strategy moving forward.

3. Use social media as an opportunity to continue the strong messaging that you are spreading through digital and traditional advertising. By staying consistent with the imagery used in those campaigns you present a united message, and make it easier for brand community members and potential customers to become familiar with, and trust your brand.

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