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Brand Revitalization: New Generation Group

After 78 Years, Kraft Dinner Rebrands as KD

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Top 3 Ways the Major Brands are Whooping Your Butt on Pay-Per-Click. (And What to Do About It!)

Burger King Rebrands with a Brand New Look

Build a Brand Community Feature

Build a Community, Start a Cult or Gather a Tribe? What’s Best for Your Brand?

Apple Streaming Music Feature

Apple Plays Catch Up with New Music Streaming Service

LA Clippers Rebrand: New Look. Next Era.

Grand Slam Home Run: Vintage Baseball Themed Ads from the Past

When a Rebrand isn’t Enough: Blacks Photography

More Than Just Pizza: Domino’s Rebrand

Brands are People Feature Thumb

New Branding Fact: Brands are People