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Patrick McGovern being shorn by Wayne S. Roberts for #NoHairSelfie

Canadians Shine When We Have a Cause (… especially when we shave our heads bald to promote it!)

Pepsi Product Placement Astroturfing

Failed Forced Viral Campaigns: When Astroturfing Flops

Pay-per-click ad Please click me

Top 3 Ways the Major Brands are Whooping Your Butt on Pay-Per-Click. (And What to Do About It!)

CASL 1 Year Feature

CASL Review: One Year Later

Google Mobile Feature

Google Mobilegeddon a Win for Blade and Clients

canada post icon

Canada Post: Combining the Old with the New for Advertisers

Blade Ad Fraud Thumb Feature

Are Online Advertisers Being Robbed Blind? – Understanding Real-Time Ad Fraud

Air Canada Boeing 787 Logo

Air Canada: Your World Awaits

Social Media Advertising Infographic Preview

Investing In Social Media, More Relevant Now Than Ever!

Online Holiday Shopping Feature

Online Shopping – 10 Tips to Activate Your Buyers for the Holidays!

Subaru Art Blade Tag

Subaru Takes a Marketing Chance with #SubaruArt at Nuit Blanche