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Expertise in Pet Care Marketing

Blade understands that a pet owner sees their cherished dog or cat as a member of the family. Developing imagery and messaging to reach and inspire pet owners must be informed by this perception. Blade's understanding of the dynamic and deeply emotional relationship between pets and their owners has informed our work in the pet care sector, resulting in breakthrough campaigns for pet insurance and healthy pet treats.

Blade developed and executed advertising campaigns for the original pet health insurance provider, helping that brand maintain market leader status for over a decade. We have also updated one of Canada's most prominent pet treat brands by designing and launching a modern website highlighting the comprehensive range of healthy, all-natural products they manufacture. Our redesign of their packaging helped to further differentiate their offering within the cluttered retail environment in pet stores.

Our team has a full understanding of how pet owners feel about their animals and what motivates their purchases. We know how to reach out to this market and where to find them, so marketing dollars are invested wisely, to greatest effect.

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"Blade's strategic and creative ideas were right on the money. We've been putting them into practice for several years and they really work." Mauro Trinchini, Founder and President, Eurocan Pet Products

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