Blade Creative Branding


Revitalize with Blade

Updating your brand demands a balanced approach.

There is only one thing you count on when it comes to managing your brand - change.

Deliverables Include
  • Brand and Competitive Audits
  • Re-Positioning
  • Re-Targeting
  • Updated Imagery and Messaging
  • Channel Building
  • Strategic Go-to-Market Plans
  • Full Scale Re-Launches

At Blade, we know brands evolve and how new ideas are required to keep them relevant and current. We have updated world-class technology firms, iconic footwear companies, global apparel brands and venerated OTC medications, to name a few. We have the experience to refresh your brand without losing site of the core values that define its place in the market.

Our strategic, unbiased approach creates a results-oriented Brand Plan that will breathe new life into your brand community, and capture the imagination of new customers without losing touch with loyal ones.

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